The ideas surrounding Transition Testing

Abstract Reasoning

  MSc Module

Putting abstract, mecahanical, numerical, verbal reasoning and spatial awareness to the test in mobile applications

Author: Mike Dearing

The concept of Transition testing is potentially more innovative within the contemporary funding arena (and ergo future reinvestment post recession). The Transition test is an aptitude test that will screen all prospective FE students before they begin their course and match them for suitability to the appropriate subject and level. In a City & Guilds world with fewer job opportunities for candidates, a pre 16-19 education system that does not necessarily prepare students for vocational course and courseware necessitates better engagement. If City & Guilds can make the opportunity for students to actually gain places at FE colleges less complicated, engender a loyalty to our brand by accessible and contemporary delivery processes, engage a disenfranchised sector of the learner market with tests that help and do not look like exams would be helpful. (Ellaway R Kukulska-Hulme A Traxler J et al 2007)

"Witnessing the change in these young people is quite emotional - they blossom into confident young men and women" (Taylor.P, 2010)

Pragmatically and pedagogically there is no obvious contemporary automotive foundation within Schools, and Connexions does not currently seem to offer specific subject careers advice; a taster of testing with Mechanical Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Spatial Awareness, Verbal and Numerical Reasoning on the ubiquitous mobile 'phone may just work…

(Taylor.P, 2010) Broadsheet 174 SummerTechnical Training Manager Honda Institute City & Guilds

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